Yayyy! Prevasure is working!

The cold sore is already going away, and I’m so relieved. I started taking the supplement every day, and putting the chapstick on the blisters. Last time the cold sore was still getting bigger at this point, but now it’s definitely smaller than it was a few days ago. I was reading online that big changes and stresses in life can cause cold sores, so I think coming back to school triggered it. The supplement has immune-system vitamins in it in addition to the virus-fighting ones, so if you take it all the time it’s supposed to make cold sores less frequent. I really don’t like the idea of taking a pill every day, but since it’s all vitamins and herbs I guess it’s no worse than taking a multi-vitamin, and I would do just about anything to keep from getting another cold sore!

Update (Feb 15 2011): No new cold sores! I’ve been taking Prevasure for seven months now and I think it’s working!


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